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Thanks for the reports guys!
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I caught one Sat night off the shore at Middle Bass Island, 24.5″ and 6.5 lbs. Had two more get off the hook before I got them reeled in. The guy fishing in the same spot as me got 5 during the time I was there. Went again Sunday night and nothing.
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Default Update

I was up last night and thought I would walk out Lakeside peir and see how the fishing was before I tried it. I was surprised at how many people were fishing. Just before dark I’d say there were at least 20 or more fishermen and didn’t see any caught or talk to anyone who saw any caught. I went back at 10:30 pm and there were maybe 4 people left and heard that the only one caught was earlier in the day around 4pm. He thought that the water was too muddy and wind was not right, but it was sure was a pleasant evening to be fishing for December. I learned a lot from talking to some guys out there and plan on giving it a try one of these days myself.
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Default help me catch eyes please

i want to try the pier fishing can i get some info on where to go time to go and what to use im from oregon so need directions
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I was up last weekend and we got them off the lakeside pier. The bite was early then, right at dark.
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Default Night Bite

Gotta come up to Marblehead to do some service work on the boat to have it ready for this spring and fix a roof leak on the shack.Has anybody caught any off of the piers?Sure would make the trip a lot more exciting if a guy could maybe catch one more before the ice. Thanks Lee
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